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Do You Have Too Much Fat in Your Arms and Body in General?

If you’re looking for the best way to lose arm fat or body fat, then I’m glad you’ve found my site. I strongly suggest you keep reading, because this is my success story – How I Did It – How I Lost my Ugly Fat. Read How You will Get Rid of Your Fat Too!


Hi There, My name is Debra Burns. See my pic on the right! I am 37 years old woman. I am very happy now, but in the past I had weight problems. I didn’t like my body and especially my arms. I always used to prefer long sleeves because of that reason. I wanted to feel more beautiful. I wanted to feel more confident about my body. I wanted to wear my favorite dresses. I wanted to look cooler at the beach.

I was sick and tired of my fat and I wanted to do something about it. I wanted to know How to Lose Arm Fat Fast and Body Fat in General. If you have the same problem, than you know how I felt before I Found a Permanent Solution.

A month before I wrote this article I realized that I have so much experience on the topic. I decided it would be nice to share my knowledge on the subject with people who have the same problem.


I tried different ways to lose arm fat over the past 4 years. I tried many programs (9), diets and exercises. Some of them worked for me as a temporary solution, but many of them never worked for me.


I Needed a Permanent Solution and Finally I Found It 5 Months Ago:

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I really like Greek mythology. Four years ago my husband and I decided to go on holiday in Greece. I was very excited. I began to pack the luggage when realized with dissatisfaction that a lot of my clothes no longer fit me. I knew that I gained weight but I didn’t expect this. I could not wear some of my favorite dresses.

This was only the beginning. The shocking reality hit me when we went to the beach. I felt so desperate. Almost all women on the beach looked better than me. What had happened to my body and why? My dream vacation has failed. So in this moment I decided that I will do everything possible to lose my ugly fat. How to lose fat fast?




How I Lost My Arm Fat at Home?


At first, I went to the Gym for 3 months. I found that two workouts during the week can not help me. I didn’t want to make muscles. I wanted to lose weight. Going to the Gym sucked. I figured out that by doing light exercises at home, the effect is greater. But I needed 90 minutes and 6 days a week for it. I didn’t have the time and patience for this.


How to Lose Arm Fat at Home – A Good Exercise


Then I tried extreme diets. They didn’t work. I got some disturbances in the stomach from them.

I tried some online programs. Some of them are really good. Unfortunately, they require more time and interaction than I can spare.

I have read many books and articles on how to lose arm fat and how to lose body fat.




What I Found?

How to Lose Arm Fat

I Understood that the Best Way to Lose Arm Fat and the Fastest Way to Lose Fat is …
… to Lose Weight All Over My Body. That is How You Can Lose Arm Fat

How to lose arm fat fast? I did many experiments during these 4 years. The result is:


  • I created my own Workable Formula for losing body fat. For me it is the best way to lose fat fast.


The good news is that it is very easy to implement. It does not steal from my time. Мy life is very dynamic nowadays.
The bad news is that the result will not come overnight but it will surely come. It depends on our bodies. We have different bodies.

I started to lose arm fat before even the first month was over.




How to Get Rid of Arm Fat Fast?


So, How to Lose Arm Flab? What is My Formula?

1.) I’ve found something by CNN and I decided to try it. I like to call it My Little Secret ;)

2.) I drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. Note, I do not diet anymore and still eat sweets.

3.) I do light exercises just to tone my arms. I do it at home every Sunday – 20 minutes. Not 6 days a week. Not 60-90 minutes per day.


I Couldn’t Believe How Well This Formula Worked for Me



Here are Some Things that Happen to Me:

  • I get more attention from men in public.
  • My self confidence has improved significantly.


  • Intimacy and love-making is so much better now.
  • I love to see myself in the mirror with or without clothes.
  • My husband is turned on and wants to make love with me more often.


  • I love getting dressed because my body is now in beautiful proportion.
  • I am able to shop for figure hugging shorts and eye-catching swim wear.
  • I am able to shop for fashionable clothing. They fits me perfectly and I look attractive.
  • My happiness radiates because now I can enjoy life again as a ‘normal’ woman …


… and All this Because I Lost my Fat.


This Formula is Great for People Who Want to:

Lose Arm Fat
Lose Belly Fat
Lose Thigh Fat
Just Want to Lose Body Fat in General


If you want to Lose Arm Fat Fast or Body Fat in General you can try my formula. I think that the basis of my success is on “My Little Secret”, Because it Increases my Metabolism and …


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I hope you found my information about how to get rid of arm fat (body fat) useful.Debra Burns

I am confident that my formula will work for you too.


To Your Success


Bye for now,




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